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So one late night on Instagram, I decided to start random conversations with some of my followers to get to know them and hear about what underwear they like. While messaging with them, I met one guy from Brazil who loves all kinds of underwear. We were having a good conversation when he asked me if I was on BriefsMania. I had never heard of it so I said no. He then explained in great detail how I would love the site and how I should check it out. He even gave me his username and told me to look him up once I made my account.

So after I saw how excited he was, I knew I had to check this site out. I typed in BriefsMania and I was taken to a website where I was instantly greeted by attractive men in briefs. The home page was full of links to blog posts, movies, galleries, and more all related to underwear. I decided to join to fully experience what this site was all about and wow, I don't regret it.

It's basically a Facebook, but specifically for briefs lovers and when I say briefs, I mean it. The website and its members make it very clear that all they want to see are briefs and jocks; no boxers allowed. Even so, that doesn't take away from the site at all. It is a true community of guys who support each other and share a love of underwear. When I signed up with only one picture, I immediately got 3-4 friend requests and started a few conversations with guys where we bonded over our mutual love of briefs.

At this point, I have a couple more pictures up (but honestly, I could do better) and have made a good amount of friends. I am excited to continue to use the site and I hope to see you on there too. My username is mc_teomen97. If you are already a member, please leave your username in the comments below so we can become friends. If not, then I suggest you join, then let me know what you think.

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  • WOW, thank you for your superb and kind words about our little website
    So glad you enjoy our little community ;0)

    BriefsLad on

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